Entrañablemente, Daniel Maman Fine Art, Gallery.
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curator: Renato Rita, 2006

Entrañablemente [Fondly], by Renato Rita

Current circumstances evidently reflect disturbing tension.

Both natural disasters and religious clashes set us in a primitive frequency: origin, survival. And, the most suitable key component to relate to this disturbance is, undoubtedly, instinct. This complex of external and determined reactions shared by all individuals of the same species and adapted to a purpose, of which the acting individual has no awareness, instinct—per the dictionary—was Cynthia Cohen’s thematic idea for this occasion.

Instinct Intuition

The ability to intuit is a constituent part in art intellectual raw material; Le Corbusier asserts that contemporary art is reason and intuition.

Trace, mark, trail, cloudscape; these are some of the terms that attempt to warn us about the images proposed by Cynthia, covering us with the realistic tone consolidated in the exhausting proportion of the “sign”, and, thus, a man, the owl, Eva immanent, and others speed up, at a first movement, the innocent texture that the exaggerated painting is telling us. A light tragic atmosphere wanders around the gigantic appearance the meaning of which is destined to the shape in which our intuition rescues the grotesque “encounter”. Then, it is possible to see the struggle for a desire for meaning in view of the significant authority of the image. And the instance that the work supports leaks through that opening: the devastating stalking of loneliness, from which instinct prevents us. This calculation is repeatedly present in Cynthia’s work; this is so not for the representation but for the manner through which it locates the spectator, placing him facing what is easily distinguishable, with an intensity that leaves him alone between the painting and his question.

Renato Rita, 2006